Sisters on Tour

Sisters on Tour

While I have two younger sisters and a brother, my youngest sister Robin plays a unique role related to my jewelry journey. Without her I wouldn’t be doing what I do. Together we started designs2c more than 17 years ago when she lived in Nashville and I told her that she should sell her jewelry.  She’s an environmental scientist and wasn’t interested in doing that.  I offered to do it for her.  Before we knew it, we were in business together.  

Sadly, soon after designs2c was born, she and her family moved to Scotland.  I decided to continue without her.  Robin remained a fan and supporter of what I do.  In 2019 she agreed to accompany me on my first bead tour of the Czech Republic and again this year.  

Robin still lives in Edinburgh, so we decided to meet in Prague and enjoy a couple of days in the city as I recovered from jet lag. It was a great call.  It meant that I had the stamina for three busy days of travel, shopping and learning on the tour.

I planned both trips to buy beads with Bananas4Beading owned by Keith Dudman and Englishman living in the Czech Republic. (Read my 2019 review of his business on Tripadvisor.) I loved listening to Keith and Robin talk about the UK and life in Europe.  

I may have been the one doing the buying, but like me, Robin is also distracted by sparkly objects.  She gets my aesthetic and found some unique pieces.  Two sets of eyes were definitely better than one.  She was upbeat and forever willing hold baskets of beads, and she definitely shot some of the best video and pictures of trip. Before the trip Robin downloaded Duolingo and practiced Czech!  We didn't need a translator because Keith was there, but her efforts went long way with people everywhere we went.  Robin was key to both trips and I am so grateful for the time we were able to spend with each other.  We are already talking about our next bead tour.


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