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Vintage Style Czech Button Earrings | Flower | Turquoise Wash

Vintage Style Czech Button Earrings | Flower | Turquoise Wash

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The turquoise wash tones and highlights the underlining changeability of the Vitrail.  It’s hard to capture in a still picture is I’ve included a video.  It will move like that as you wear it. 

I weave the bezel around a Czech button using nylon thread and dark gold Japanese glass seed beads. The Czech button makers have dwindled to just two brothers in their 70s.  They use molds that can date to the 1920’s.  The stitching looks like filigree and contributes to the vintage feel of the finished drop.

The finished set button is .75 inches, about the size of a quarter. The V shaped wire is 100% modern and means the earring swings a little lower making for a slightly showy look.  It measures 1.75 from the top of the 14K gold filled V shaped ear wire.

Like all my jewelry, this will arrive beautifully carded and packaged, ready to gift if you can bear to part with it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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