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Handwoven Pearl Collar | Green, Blue, Brown & Bronze

Handwoven Pearl Collar | Green, Blue, Brown & Bronze

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I pick up each bead of this necklace one by one and weave it in three separate passes. I first weave a base of 5 and 6mm European Glass Pearls in bronze, metallic blue and brown. Then I go back over the front of the necklace to add the Japanese glass seed accents in metallic green and dark gold. The final pass is to add the 8mm pearl drops in iridescent green

This is an easy and great necklace to customize. Because I use glass pearls, I have a wide range of color options, making this ideal for a special event or wedding. Message me for more information.

.75 inches wide. 16 inches finished with a 2 inch extender chain. Clasp and chain are antique brass.

Your necklace will arrive boxed for you or whoever you might gift. The box will protect your necklace when storing.

Thank you for shopping.

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