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Hojas Necklace - 5 Multi Colored Leaves

Hojas Necklace - 5 Multi Colored Leaves

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I love making necklace with variations of this shape, hojas, Spanish for leaves. Seed beads let me play with colors in a way that other beads don’t let me. The color as and the name of the necklace are a tribute to my Mexican roots. 

I weave each hoja separately, picking up the beads one by one. Then I stitch the pieces together to create this colorful statement necklace. I’ve finished the focal with an antique brass chain, whose shape echos the the shape of the woven piece.

Fully extend the necklaces measures 23 inches long, but you can go smaller. The chain is an textured, oval, open it up link that will allow you to choose the length. The central hoja is 1.75 inches long.

Your necklace will arrive loving packaged for you or whoever you might gift.

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